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Major Projects


Description of Works Client/ Location Year
Engineering, Procurement and Construction of New Flare Gas Recovery Unit (Unit- 49) at MAB Refinery KNPC Jun-14 to Feb -18
Replacement of HIC affected Non-NACE Separators and Gas Scrubbers at SEK GCs 1,6,8 & 11 KOC Oct-14 to Sep-17
Replacement of the HIC affected equipment in SK GC's 3,4,7,8 and 21 KOC Oct-12 to Sep-17
Revamp of MAA Burney for Recovery and Smokeless Operation KNPC Feb-13 to Sep-17
Design , Fabrication & Erection of New Incinerator Stacks (2 Nos) of 110M height at TGTU (Unit 24) at MAB Refinery KNPC 2010-2013
Engineering , Procurement & Construction of New Flare Gas Recovery Unit (Unit- 105) At Mina Ahmadi refinery KNPC 2010-2013
Facilities for Moisture Control & Dehazing of Gas Oil, Mina Abdulla, KNPC KNPC 2007-2008
Upgrading of MCO (Medium Crude Oil) Incoming Manifold at GC -27 KOC 2010-2013
EPC for Revamp of Potable Water Network at MAB Refinery KNPC 2008-2009
Instillation of Gravity Drain System in GCs 17,27 & 28 KOC 2008-2010
Replacement of Existing CS piping by PTFE Lined CS piping-Shuaiba Refinery KNPC 2006-2008
Improving Maintainability of Trim Coolers & Desalter Dehydration Heaters at GC - 27 & 28 West Kuwait KOC 2009-2010
Extension of Glass Factory, EPC Contract. Gulf Glass Manufacturing Company 2002
Construction of Marrat Water Flood Pilot Plant, Kuwait Oil Company KOC/ Al Khorayef Est. 2006
Replacement of Fire Protection System of Mina Crude Pump units 1 & 2 KOC 2009-2010
Construction of Wara Water Flood Pilot Plant, Kuwait Oil Company KOC/ Al Khorayef Est. 2005
Engg, Procurement and Construction of 7 Nos of 1000 Cu.m of Lube Oil Storage tanks Kuwait Lube Oil Company 2002


Description of Works Client/ Location Year
Pre Commissioning and Commissioning Activities Of Boiler No. 8 and Associated Facilities For NAGRP Project at MAA Refinery KNPC/KCC Sep-16 to Dec-16
Installation of New Compressor at GC-7, GC-8 & GC-21 KOC/ Saipem 2010-2012
EBSM Project, ME&I Works, OL2K Project, The Kuwait Styrene Company (TKSC). The Kuwait Styrene Company (TKSC) 2007 - 2008
Olefins – OL2K, Mechanical Infrastructure , M1 package, Equate Petrochemicals, Kuwait EQUATE, Kuwait 2005 - 2007
General Construction Contract, Offsite Works- Aromatics Project KPPC 2007 - 2011
Heavy Aromatics Storage & Export KPPC 2009-2010
Aromatics on plot project, Above Ground Piping Works KPPC/SKEC 2007 - 2008
Heavy Aromatics Project - Offshore Portion KPPC/ Hyundai 2009-2010
Waste Water Recycling Plant & Storm Water Purification Unit EQUATE Oct-12 to Feb-15
Replacement of Existing Hydraulic Governor by Electronic Governor of Wet Gas Compressors Drive Turbine (C-20-101/201 ST) at Delayed Coker (Unit-20) in MAB Refinery KNPC Aug-11 to Jun-13
Building New Gathering Centre GC-24 At Sabriyah Field North Kuwait Kuwait Oil Company / SKEC 2008 - 2009
Construction of Vacuum Rerun Revamp Unit at Mina Abdullah Refinery, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait. Technip, Abu Dhabi 2004 - 2005
GC-28 Capacity Expansion Project, Mechanical & Piping Works ,KOC Technicas Reunidas, Spain, Kuwait 2006 - 2009
New ATK Merox Unit, MAB Refinery TOYO India 2005
KNPC New Oil Pier Project Instrumentation Works Hyundai 2003
Dry Gas Seal Retrofitting in Compressor C-14-101 & C-14-102 at Mina Abdulla Refinery. KNPC 4 Months(2011)
Replace Decoke Dilution Steam with MP Steam, Equate- Contract No. 4500002025 Equate Jul-11 to Dec-11


Description of Works Client/ Location Year
Provision of Special Coating Services- Contract No. JO/SC248R/PO10 Joint Operations Aug-11 to Oct-15
Maintenance Services of Production Facilities for South Kuwait Areas. KOC 2010 - 2015
Mechanical Maintenance Services at Mina Abdulla Refinery KNPC 2010 - 2015
Rotating & Reciprocating Machines Overhauling – TA-2014 PIC 2014
Turnaround February 2010- Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company GPIC Feb-10
Five Years Mechanical Maintenance Contract at MAB Refinery KNPC 1999-2004
Five Years Mechanical Maintenance Contract at MAB Refinery KNPC 1994-1999
Operation and Maintenance of Salt and Chlorine Plant. Ahlia Projects 2000 - 2002
Maintenance of Salt and Chlorine Plant. Ahlia Projects 2002 - 2004
Maintenance of Salt and Chlorine Plant. Ahlia Projects 2004 - 2006
Rotating & Reciprocating Machines Work -TA-2012 PIC March 2012
Rotating & Reciprocating Machines Work -TA-2009 PIC May 2009 to July-2009
Rep. of LP Carbamate Condensers, HP Carbamate Pumps & installation of Modified Internals of Rectifying Column PIC May 2009 to July-2009
Retubing of Heat Exchanger for RMP - GRTA shutdown April/May 2009 at Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery KNPC May 2009 to Jun 2009
Overhauling of critical Rotating Equipments(SD/5/2006) PIC Dec - 2006
Rotating Equipment Overhauling (MM/5/2004) PIC Sep - 2004
High Pressure Vessels Overhauling & Cleaning PIC Sep - 2004
Rotating Equipment Overhauling(MM/3/2003) PIC Apr - 2003
Gas Seal Retrofit Project at BS-140 & BS- 150,Dresser Rand KOC/ Dresser Rand Jun - 2005
Retrofit of Gas Seal Systems at BS-1410 & BS-150, Thermodyn KOC/ Thermodyn Jun - 2004


Description of Works Client/ Location Year
CA/3945/CNSL - Consultancy for Engineering Services at Mina-Al-Ahmadi refinery. KNPC 2014
Installation of multi - point smokeless high pressure flare at 14 south and east kuwait GCs KOC / Mushrif Trad, & Cont. Co 2014
Installation of new effluent water disposal system at GC-15, GC-25 and injection pump at CIPF KOC/Badeer Al-Mulla 2012
Replacement of HIC Affected Non Nace Separator and gas Scrubers at SEK GC’s 9,10,20 & 22-KOC KOC/ MECC 2012
Replacement of 40” HP Gas Transmission Pipeline from GCMB to LPG Plant KOC / Al Khadda 2014
Installation of new gas pipelines replacement / Rerouting of existing gas pipeline at MAGWA (S&EK) KOC/ Combined group 2014
Construction of Maintenance of Mina Abdullah WDC II MEW / Ahmadiah 2010
Replacement of the 16” Condensate Line With New 20” Line From GCMB Manifold to MAA-02 Manifold KOC /KCCEC 2012
Updation (As-built ) of Engineering Drawings Part1-(Requirement As per CRIC Recommendation - 58”Shuaiba Refinery –Oil Pier & Tank Farm). KNPC 2009
Consultancy Service for Updating Drawings for MAB Refinery KNPC 2006
Updating As Built Drawings KOC 2008
Construction of high pressure flowlines and associated works for jurassic wells at north kuwait areas - section ii (re-routing of existing pipelines for new subiya highway) KOC / Arabienertech 2011
Replacement of Crude Transit line from GC-09 to CMM KOC/ MECC 2009
Contract No: 33015 Installation of Air Assisted Flare Stacks in GC- 17, 27, 28 & BS170. KOC / Ahamadiah Cont.& Trad. Co 2010
Replacement of Dual Tank at GC-04 & Dry Tank at GC-21. KOC / Arabi Enertech 2012
Civil Engineering Services for New GC-16. KOC / Saipem 2011
Contract No:11050207 Construction of New Export Transit Pipeline from New BS-171 to AGRP at MAA. KOC / MECC 2011
Contract No: 12050835 Replacement of 16’’Eocene Crude Supply from Wafra Burgan Manifold. KOC / Consolidated Cont Co. 2012
Improvement of ESD system at GCs 17, 27, & 28 and Isolation Capabilities at GCs 27 & 28 at West Kuwait. KOC / AL-Khadda 2008
Improvement to Crude Sampling Points at all South &East Kuwait Gathering Centers . KOC / MECC 2007
Replacement of Eight Plate Heat Exchanger at GC-04 KOC / MECC 2012
Engineering and HAZOP Study for Installation of Controls to maintain fixed split of Liquid phase flow KOC / Mushrif 2005
New 56”Spur Line for MAA Crude Pump KOC / SOS 2006
Engineering Works for GC-16 LP/HP/Test Separator and Desanding Skid. KOC/Bader Al Mulla 2012
Fire Protection System for KOC assets in North kuwait. KOC/ IMCO 2007
Effluent Water Pumping System in GC 17, 27 & 28 KOC / United Gulf Const Co. 2010
Dharif Water Injection Pilot Plant KOC / Finesco 2010
Installation and Replacement of Crude Transit lines in SEK Areas. KOC / HOT 2009
Improvement to Header ESD System at SEK GCs 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 & 28. KOC / Mushrif 2007
Construction Main Intake (20 MW) New Elevated A-27 Substation and Improve SEK Fields Power Distribution Network. KOC/ HEISCO 2011
Engineering for Installation of New Pumps & Piping modification for Firefighting systems (8 locations) KOC / Al-Khadda 2010
New 11 KV (72 MW) main bulk intake substations at Raudhation 'D' (RA-D) and Sabriya 'B' (SA-B) area KOC / O&G 2013
HP darin system JO / Bader Al Mulla 2005
Construction of Two Eocene Tanks and Two Chemical Tanks at MGC JO / CCC 2011
Clean and Recycle Oily Viscous Liquid (OVL) Service JO / PIKA 2009
New Fire fighting system for Main Gathering Center JO 1998
Brackish water distribution network piping Joint Operations 1999
Upgrading of fire fighting system at mina saud SAC / Alrobaya 2014
SAC-423 Construction of new electrical substations no. 2, 3, & 5 at mina-saud, Kuwait. SAC / Alrobaya 2014
Mina Soud Pipeline Integrity-Upgrade Relocation of manifold. SAC/NBTC 2012
MEW/MC/4181-2010/2011 – Construction & Maintenance of Mina Abdullah WDC II MEW 2011
C-933/C-937 - De-Mineralization Plant at Doha East & Az-Zour South Power Generation & Waster Distillation Plant MEW 2013
Stress Analysis from Boiler outlet to Turbine inlet Piping PIC 2013
Replacing of Trip Switches with Smart Transmitters PIC 2014
Engineering Services of New Carbamate Transfer Line between urea plants (PA-2121) PIC 2010
Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al Sabah Hospital MOH / Ecotherm W.L.L 2012
Intelligent P&ID Conversion in Plant Space P&ID Systems Equate 2008
Alternate PSV System Equate 2014
Purification Bed lead and lag arrangement Equate 2014
600 MTPD CO2 plant at Shuaiba industrial area (Engineering & PMC) Green Carbon 2010
300 MTPD CO2 Recovery plant Gulfcryo 2013
Engineering Services for the steam distribution network stress analysis and isometric drawing. Ecotherm 2012
Stone Wool Plant (Engineering & PMC) FSIC 2012
Checking the integrity of existing foundations for plant revamping KIMMCO 2001
Design of structural modifications for the new fore hearth, forming and Fiberizer machine KIMMCO 2001
Detail Engineering Works for Esmeralds Refinery Rehabilitions Phase 2 Projects Petroecuador / GEA Westfalia Germany. 2011
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